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We clean-up your audio & remove background noise online

Upload audio or video

Upload your full of background noise audio

Upload your audio file, it's easy by using the File Transfer Widget below. 

You don't have to register, just select your file and send it to us.

Your file is secure, only our sound engineer have access to it.

You can upload your podcast, YouTube video, seminar record, screencast, audiobook or anything that is audio or has audio channels.

Listen to the results

Listen to the fixed audio, that we cleaned up

Once we've finished cleaning your audio, we'll send you a small sample piece of the cleaned audio before you pay.

Just download your cleaned audio sample file, and listen to the results. Now that the background noise has been removed, you can enjoy the improved sound quality of your audio.

Buy if you like it

Pay for the background noise removal

You don't have to pay anything until you've confirmed that you're happy with the results. 

When the restored audio file is ready to be sent, you can pay with PayPal or credit card. Now you'll have no more pain from your noisy, full of background noise, useless audios.

How does this audio clean up online service work

Please read this carefully:

This service is a paid one. We work really hard to repair your noisy audio and send it back as clean as possible. After initial communication, you can get a sample only, a piece of your audio cleaned up to check the quality before you buy the clean-up of the entire file.

No more than one audio file at a time, so next review after cleared payment of the first job done.

Thank you for your understanding and looking forward to working with you.

Send us an audio or video file for a free review


It's easy and secure: 

Before you send us anything, please note this is a paid professional background noise removal online service.

  1. Click to "+ Select your files" (please, choose the best quality, original, unprocessed audio or video file you have)
  2. Add "Your email" address (please, make sure your email is correct, because that's the only way we can contact you)
  3. "Sender name" Your name obviously
  4. "This is a paid service, please confirm if you understand"  We don't like this line, but saves us a lot of time. If your answer is "no" or "sdfg" and similar, your file will be deleted immediately without further notice.
  5. Please fill "How can we help you?"  box as well. So you can save us time.
  6. Hit "Transfer" button to transfer us your audio or video. Please wait until "It's done!"


"Is this audio cleanup service a paid one?"

Yes. A sample offered if we agreed on the final price. If you don't like the sample, you owe nothing.

"What type of noises can be removed?"

Please keep in mind that it's impossible or really hard to get rid of music in the background, other people talking/singing in the background (TV, Radio as well), huge wind, waterfall, crowd noise, somebody's touching the membrane of the mic (e.g. 'pocket noise').

"How long does it take?"

We can clean up files within 3 working days maximum (can work on weekends as well for double price), but it usually takes 48 hours only.

"What does it cost?"

Every recording is different, so let us suggest to send us your files for a review by using the File Transfer Widget above.

"Is it possible to remove the vocal from a song?"

In the 80% of the cases it's not possible without artifacts. The result can be acceptable, but it will never be perfect.

You can't remove eggs from a baked cake. The opposite is just the same, you can't remove the backing track and leave the vocals only without artifacts. Sometimes it's worth a try though.

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