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Train Your Ears 2.0 - Get 20% extra discount

TrainYourEars 2.0 - get 20% coupon

Train Your Ears 2.0 is a highly recommended tool for all audio engineers to improve their hearing.

The software is very easy to use and fun as well.

Get an extra 20% discount!  Updated 2023 content.

We would like to introduce you TrainYourEars 2.0, a professional audio software for all audio engineers, recording engineers, producers, and mastering engineers with the recommendation of Bob Katz audio mastering icon.

We at use this handy software to get our hearing system in form, warm up our ears before work, and improve the understanding of equalization and the frequency spectrum.


Updated 2023 content.

What does it do?


The software applies different random equalizers to the music stored on your computer,

and you can guess which frequency has changed by setting the frequency on a modeled EQ.

At the end of a quiz, you can compare the right answer to yours, speeding up the learning method.




- Noise player: you can learn different noise types (pink, white)

- Music player: drag and drop your favorite songs to play with

- Live player: connect external audio sources to the software through the sound card

- Training Guess mode: you have to guess the frequency of the EQ applied

- Training Correct mode: you have to find the exact opposite of the EQ applied

- Exercise packages: different exercises have been made by qualified sound professionals

- You can set your own exercise, the software is very flexible


You can find the complete documentation here.


Where can you buy it:

They just decided to reduce the price by 45% plus you can get an EXTRA 20% discount that you can apply here at the very bottom of the page, BUT for the coupon code please write us an email first.

We'll try to do our best to send the coupon within 12 hours.


Train Your Ears

Happy learning!


Audio Cleaning Online


How to remove background noise from audio online


Tired of searching for the best audio noise removal service that is really able to handle noisy recordings?

Google just showed you the options that didn't work?

Here we are to help you.

This service is manual, but the most effective, we make sure. The easiest way ever!

Background noise removal online

In 3 steps you can have your file completely noiseless as easily as possible:

Upload your file

Just use the file transfer widget below and our sound engineer will evaluate/review your file.

We send a quote

After the review, we send you a quote. If the price is reasonable for you we send you a sample of your file processed.

Download the sample and order

You can download the result and order the noise removal of the entire file you sent us earlier.

Just send us your audio file the easiest way:


It's easy and secure: 

Before you send us anything, please note this is a paid professional background noise removal online service.

  1. Click to "+ Select your files" (please, choose the best quality, original, unprocessed audio or video file you have)
  2. Add "Your email" address (please, make sure your email is correct because that's the only way we can contact you)
  3. "Sender name" Your name obviously
  4. "This is a paid service, please confirm if you understand"  We don't like this line, but it saves us a lot of time.
  5. Fill the "How can we help you?"  box as well. So you can save us time.
  6. Hit the"Transfer" button to transfer us your audio or video. Please wait until "It's done!"

Audio Cleaning Online

We deal with audio restoration professionally

Automatic vs. professional (manual) audio clean up - Samples included

Is it worth it to use automatic background noise removal services?

Or do you need to hire a professional audio restoration specialist instead to get the best possible quality?

Well, let's see three audio samples and judge them yourself.

Audio content inside (as we always provide them).

Cleanup audio online

As you might have expected, more and more online services offer automatic audio restoration as baiting in addition to their other (paid) services. Their main profile is paid video editing usually. We have tested whether they are worth using such services.


It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t put our work next to it, so let’s see and hear the three samples.

What do you think which one will be the best, most pleasant for the human ear?

Is the automatic one or the one produced by our online audio clean-up service?

Please use headphones to get the best results.

Original recording



With a lot of background noise, the voice is weak as well.

After automatic noise removal



There's a huge left-over noise, the voice is louder but still weak.

After a professional audio expert fixed it


No noise at all, and the voice sounds professional.


As you can hear, the automatic solution couldn't really handle the task, so you hear a lot of left-over noise, the voice is still weak, but a bit louder, though.


After professional audio clean-up, the result is clean, the noise's gone, and the voice is loud and full, natural with great low-end.

As you probably want to get it after background noise removal.


All in all, if you don't need professional-sounding audio material, it might be worth it to use automatic services.

For professional work, hire a professional. Huge amount of audio restoration specialists out there online, it's not so complicated to reach out to them.


What do you think? Please share your thoughts below.


Audio Cleaning Online

Richard Toth




Update 1.)


We daily receive tons of audios that "AI" failed to handle. If you have this type of work, please send us the original, unedited/unprocessed file(s) because audio services based on Artificial Intelligence can cause irreversible damage to the sound. People can also cause it if they don't know what they are doing. Thank you.




Waves audio plugins - Get 10% EXTRA discount coupon

Please note that this content may no longer be up to date. (It turned out it is in 2022 as well)


You only need to do is click this link please, and use the code YNY23

That's it, now you get 10% discount at check out.

Please note: to use this coupon your shopping cart total must be at least $50


Happy working!

Audio Cleaning Online

The Ether Review podcast - Edited, mixed, mastered by us

It's been honorific to help Arthur Falls again with the audio editing, mixing and podcast mastering of a few episodes of his The Ether Review podcasts.

Services applied:



Audio Cleaning Online

State Change podcast - Edited, mixed, mastered by us

We were more than happy to help the ConsenSys Media Team with the audio editing, mixing and podcast mastering of a few of their State Change podcasts.

Services applied:

Audio is no longer available, unfortunately.

Audio Cleaning Online

New service: Audio editing

New podcast audio editing service

We are proudly announcing our new audio editing service.


From now on we provide audio editing services as well, so if you are looking for a professional audio editor, who can enhance your audio, and able to eliminate problems with your audio voice recording, now you have found it. We are here to help you.

We can help you with the following:

  • editing out mistakes, unwanted parts of your voice-over, or any voice recordings
  • removing noises (we deal with audio restoration as well)
  • enhance the quality of your podcast, audiobook, or any audio materials by using EQs, compressors, etc.
  • adding music or intros/outros and other parts to your radio shows
  • if you provide a script, we can arrange any audios such as webinars, presentations, e-learning multimedia
  • we can edit your audiobook to meet the highest ACX standards (
  • we can handle many more audio-related problems, please contact us bravely

We are at your disposal,

Audio Cleaning Online

We accept Bitcoin for our audio services

Please note this content may be outdated

We are proud to announce that you can pay with Bitcoin for our audio related services, such as:


We are at your disposal,

Audio Cleaning Online

Pono player beats the iPod (and MP3)

The new Pono player
The new Pono player

Giant things are happening in the world,

one of them is it seems like bad audio quality is undesirable finally.


Let us introduce you the PONO PLAYER high-resolution portable digital music player.

As an audio engineer I highly welcome this new audio pocket player.


The PONO Player able to play high-definition audio up to 192 kHz/24bit resolution, so now you can digitize your favorite vinyls and listen to them on public transport, or in your car.


I hope finally it can beat the iPod and MP3, so I don't have to fight against them anymore.


The Pono Player plays MP3 too, but trust me, you don't want to listen to MP3's anymore :)


Pono player music quality spectrum
Pono player music quality spectrum

I can't describe you how happy I am, and how I hate these compressed file formats.

Only little minus that I dont think this little player is ergonomic due to its triangular design.

It would not be comfortable when you sit down with a PONO Player in your hip-pocket.


Good news for professionals that they can use the 2 3.5mm jack outputs in balanced mode, so only thing they need is two small stereo jack-XLR adapter or cable.

Technical specifications:


Music formats

Music resolution  Lossless playback at up to 192kHz / 24bit
Storage 128GB total - 64GB flash memory plus SanDisk 64GB microSD card included
Expansion slot Supports microSD cards of up to 64GB
Digital-to-Analog convertor





Large 2900mAH Li-Ion rechargeable for up to 8 hours of playback time


AC universal adapter (100-240 VAC)

USB cable

USB-to-MicroUSB cable


2.5 inch color touchscreen

Audio output

Two 3.5mm (1/8 inch) jacks, supports four listening modes


130 grams (4.6 ounces


13x5x2.5 cm (5x2x1 inches)


Anyway, the two 1/8 inch (3.5 mm) audio output jacks offer you four modes of operation:


1) personal listening mode via headphones or earbuds,
2) home stereo or in-car listening mode with fixed volume output,
3) PonoShare mode with two pairs of headphones/earbuds,
4) balanced mode provides ultra-performance for advanced users, separating left and right channel outputs across the two jacks. Great for use with high-impedance headphones, high-end home stereo systems, or professional equipment using balanced XLR input connectors.

Audio files can be loaded onto the Pono Player using the Pono Music Center desktop application (soon to be released on Windows and MacOS). The PonoPlayer can also be sideloaded as a USB storage device (Windows, MacOS, Linux).


Hurry up to pre-order! (ammm, yeah it's pricey)


Audio Cleaning Online

We deal with audio restoration


Beyond Bitcoin podcast - Mixed and mastered by us

There you are the latest episode of Beyond Bitcoin podcast. Arthur Falls is a very kind person who really a pleasure to work with.

Please enjoy his show as we did while it was under process.

Arthur Falls

Services applied:



Audio Cleaning Online


17 tips to get quality sounding podcast

All you need for recording a good quality podcast

Updated 2023 version!


Let's see 17 tips and tricks before you start to record your podcast. Please take my advice, everything on this list is very important to get a good sound quality podcast at last, that is ready for podcast mastering. Please, feel free to ask in the comment section below.


  1. If it's possible, record everything by using professional microphones (avoid cheap and built-in mics)
  2. Use popfilters on mics (it costs $10, the cheapest is still better than nothing)
  3. Stay away from walls and corners (if your room has acoustic treatments on walls, you can sit closer to them).
  4. Turn down the volume of your speakers to zero(!) while recording, and use headphones instead (including your guests)
  5. Forget MP3(!), if you have space on your hard drive, record in WAV (on Windows) or AIFF (if you are on Mac)
  6. Set the sample rate to 44kHz/16bit or if your soundcard is good enough, choose the 44kHz/24bit depth option, minimum
  7. If you don't have space on your hard drive, choose the FLAC format to compress your audio files or use the mono recording option (the human voice is a mono source anyway)
  8. If you already have a lot of MP3 files, don't save them back in MP3 again after the cutting/ trimming/ mixing processes (so avoid double compress), use lossless file formats instead (as it's marked above: WAV, AIFF, FLAC)

  9. Use quality microphone cables, such as Mogami's Quad cable or Mogami Neglex 2549. If you have a USB mic, nothing to do, use the USB cable bravely
  10. Take away the power supplies from the audio cables (otherwise, it generates a hum to the audio)
  11. Keep your microphones away from your monitor display (otherwise, it can generate different types of noises in the audio)
  12. Don't use external hard drives to record to it directly (only if it has a USB3 connection) it may causes glitches in your recordings
  13. Record the mics to separate channels in your recording software (DAW), it will help in mixing it separately

  14. Turn off the built-in sounds of softwares, such as Skype (etc.), during the recording
  15. Turn off the system sounds of Windows (or macOS)
  16. Turn off screensavers
  17. Take out or switch off your mobile phones


Happy podcasting!



Audio Cleaning Online

We deal with audio editing


Audio cable A/B test

If you spend money on quality audio equipments, like amps, speakers, and headphones,

why would you cut corners on interconnect cables? Here's a test/ review of two audio cables, a common audio cable and the Mogami Neglex 2549. Mogami is much used in audio studios, so it might be good for us as well to listen to music.


No, I am not sponsored by Mogami.


Usually in tests like this, a professional tells you the 'truth', and you believe him because he is a professional. But now you can see and hear the difference, so you can believe your own eyes and ears.



As you can see in the pictures below, the Mogami cable is more senseless to low-frequency hum, than the common one. The hum itself and its harmonics, in this case, 150Hz and 250Hz, are due to the frequency of electrical networks, which is 50Hz in Europe.


Common cable noise profile

Common cable noise profile on phono usage

Mogami neglex 2549 noise profile

Mogami neglex 2549 noise profile on phono usage

Sound quality

Okay, now, let's hear how these cables sound. The vinyl was the Daft Punk - Random access memories album because it's a masterpiece of sound engineering.

Sorry, I can't upload the whole files, only samples because of the copyrights.


The original sample rate was 192kHz/32 bit, but I couldn't upload it to sound-sharing sites,

than resampled to 44,1kHz/16bit (normal CD quality).


Common cable sounds

Mogami neglex 2549 sounds


So here is the evidence, the Mogami sounds more detailed, precise, clean (try to concentrate on reverbs and snares), bright and its frequency response is as flattened as an ironed shirt, maybe it's worth the (not so much) money.


Don't worry if you didn't hear the difference, maybe your ears are tired now, or it will be coming later in your life,

or you are in need of really good headphones or speakers.




Update no.1.


Thanks to the SoundCloud audio compression... maybe I will change the player widget...



Update no.2.


I've changed the audio player to's, which is more flexible and cheaper than SoundCloud. It can play .wav, .aiff, etc. You should try.



Update no.3. 


The test setup  was the following:
Ortofon MC15 Super II -> Throrens TD126 mkIII -> cable A or B -> Creek OBH 15 mk2 -> cable A or B -> RME Fireface UC


Where "cable A" was Mogami 2549, "cable B" unknown because the inscription was worn down.


Used connections:

Neutrik gold plated RCA and Jack 6.3mm



Audio cleaning online

We deal with audio restoration