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We edit and mix your recordings

Audio editing and audio post-production

The process of audio editing involves modifying and removing the pieces of the audio recording. If you record audio you will make mistakes. For sure. No problem, it's part of the normal audio recording method.


That's why we are here, to fix your audio recordings. With our more than 30 years of experience in the digital audio field, we will professionally edit your audio to reach the highest quality standards.

How can we edit your audio file?

 We are able to:

  • remove gaps, mistakes, unwanted sounds, words, or parts
  • edit out um's, ah's, silences, stumbles, and coughs (we clean it up)
  • get rid of humming or buzzing noise, and background noise (we deal with audio restoration as well)
  • match different takes to each other
  • add music to your voice-over or any kind of audio
  • make the arrangement of your podcast, radio show
  • enhance the sound of your audio file (we deal with podcast mastering as well)
  • mix your audio recording (by using EQs, compressors, de-essers, etc.)
  • convert audio files
  • make videos from your audio podcasts (you provide a logo or pictures)
  • make audios from your videos
  • capture online content (audios, videos, webinars, etc.)
  • set speed of music (changing BPM, great for dancers, etc.) and speech as well
  • convert sample rate
  • edit single and multitrack audios


What type of audio can we edit?

We edit the following:

  • Audiobooks (to highest quality ACX standards / to upload to
  • Voice-overs
  • Podcasts
  • Audio interviews
  • Audio lectures
  • E-learning multimedia (online courses, video lectures, etc.)
  • Teleseminars (e.g. Udemy courses)
  • Radio shows
  • Webinars
  • Sermon recordings
  • Presentations
  • Commercials
  • Guided meditations


Send us your original unedited voice-over or podcast for a free review


It's easy and secure: 

Before you send us anything, please note this is a paid professional audio editing service.

  1. Click to "+ Select your files" (please, choose the best quality, original, unedited, unprocessed audio or video file you have)
  2. Add "Your email" address (please, make sure your email is correct because that's the only way we can contact you)
  3. "Sender name" Your name obviously
  4. "This is a paid service, please confirm if you understand"  We don't like this line, but it saves us a lot of time.
  5. Fill the "How can we help you?"  box as well. So you can save us time.
  6. Hit the"Transfer" button to transfer us your audio or video

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