We denoise and improve your recordings

What is audio restoration or audio clean-up?

Audio cleaning, audio clean up
  • Click and pop removal
  • Hum and hiss removal
  • Crackle and buzz removal
  • Background noise clean-up
  • Unwanted noise such as telephone ringing or whistle removal
  • Fixing distorted audio
  • Declipping
  • Unwanted reverb and echo reduction
  • Static removal without affecting the audio quality
  • Fixing sibilance and plosives
  • Removal of moderate wind
  • Getting rid of tape noise
  • Mouth declicking (elimination of clicks, pops and smacks)
  • Fixing mic bumps and rustling (especially on lapel mic recordings)

What type of audio material can we clean up?

  • Audio files such as .wav, .flac, etc. Please note that the result depends on the source file. Sometimes cleaning an .mp3 file may worth it, but if you have a better quality audio file it will result in a smoother cleaned file
  • Audio of a video file taken with your camera or your mobile phone
  • Audio of your podcast material
  • Professional voice-overs (narrations, audiobooks)
  • Seminar recordings
  • Conference audio (or videos such as Google Meet or Zoom)
  • Audio on your YouTube videos, so your business will look more professional
  • Old, transcripted records, as old tapes or vinyles
  • Sound of old video tapes (VHS and so on)
  • Many as you want, don't be shy to send us an email

What can we do to your sound material?

Background noise removal

Your recording will be:

  • more professional
  • clearer
  • more understandable
  • more realistic
  • easier to hear
  • less tiring for the ears