Audio cable A/B test

If you spend money on quality audio equipments, like amps, speakers, and headphones,

why would you cut corners on interconnect cables? Here's a test/ review of two audio cables, a common audio cable and the Mogami Neglex 2549. Mogami is much used in audio studios, so it might be good for us as well to listen to music.


No, I am not sponsored by Mogami.


Usually in tests like this, a professional tells you the 'truth', and you believe him because he is a professional. But now you can see and hear the difference, so you can believe your own eyes and ears.



As you can see in the pictures below, the Mogami cable is more senseless to low-frequency hum, than the common one. The hum itself and its harmonics, in this case, 150Hz and 250Hz, are due to the frequency of electrical networks, which is 50Hz in Europe.


Common cable noise profile

Common cable noise profile on phono usage

Mogami neglex 2549 noise profile

Mogami neglex 2549 noise profile on phono usage

Sound quality

Okay, now, let's hear how these cables sound. The vinyl was the Daft Punk - Random access memories album because it's a masterpiece of sound engineering.

Sorry, I can't upload the whole files, only samples because of the copyrights.


The original sample rate was 192kHz/32 bit, but I couldn't upload it to sound-sharing sites,

than resampled to 44,1kHz/16bit (normal CD quality).


Common cable sounds

Mogami neglex 2549 sounds


So here is the evidence, the Mogami sounds more detailed, precise, clean (try to concentrate on reverbs and snares), bright and its frequency response is as flattened as an ironed shirt, maybe it's worth the (not so much) money.


Don't worry if you didn't hear the difference, maybe your ears are tired now, or it will be coming later in your life,

or you are in need of really good headphones or speakers.




Update no.1.


Thanks to the SoundCloud audio compression... maybe I will change the player widget...



Update no.2.


I've changed the audio player to's, which is more flexible and cheaper than SoundCloud. It can play .wav, .aiff, etc. You should try.



Update no.3. 


The test setup  was the following:
Ortofon MC15 Super II -> Throrens TD126 mkIII -> cable A or B -> Creek OBH 15 mk2 -> cable A or B -> RME Fireface UC


Where "cable A" was Mogami 2549, "cable B" unknown because the inscription was worn down.


Used connections:

Neutrik gold plated RCA and Jack 6.3mm



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