Train Your Ears 2.0 - Get 20% extra discount

TrainYourEars 2.0 - get 20% coupon

Train Your Ears 2.0 is a highly recommended tool for all audio engineers to improve their hearing.

The software is very easy to use and fun as well.

Get extra 20% discount!  Updated 2022 content.

We would like to introduce you TrainYourEars 2.0, a professional audio software for all audio engineers, recording engineers, producers, mastering engineers with the recommendation of Bob Katz audio mastering icon.

We at use this handy software to get our hearing system in form, to warm up our ears before work and improve the understanding of equalization and the frequency spectrum.


Updated 2022 content.

What does it do?


The software apply different random equalizers to your music stored on your computer,

and you can guess which frequency has changed by setting the frequency on a modeled EQ.

At the end of a quiz you can compare the right answer to yours, so that speeding up the

learning method.




- Noise player: you can learn different noise types (pink, white)

- Music player: drag and drop your favorite songs to play with

- Live player: connect external audio sources to the software through the sound card

- Training Guess mode: you have to guess the frequency of the EQ applied

- Training Correct mode: you have to find the exact opposite of the EQ applied

- Exercise packages: different exercises has been made qualified sound professionals

- You can set your own exercise, the software is very flexible


You can find the complete documentation here.


Where can you buy:

They just decided to reduce the price by 45% plus you can get an EXTRA 20% discount that you can apply here at the very bottom of the page, BUT for the coupon code please write us an email first.

We'll try to do our best to send the coupon within 12 hours.


Train Your Ears

Happy learning!


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  • #3

    Dan (Friday, 05 March 2021 01:04)

    this is addictive, thank you for the coupon!

  • #2

    Carlo (Monday, 25 February 2019 12:00)

    It's really a fun to use it, thanks!

  • #1

    Johnny (Thursday, 10 January 2019 13:54)

    Hey, thanks for the coupon, awsome software!